How Actsyl Works

Activates Hair Stem Cells

Redensyl® contains two patented molecules EGCG2 and DHQG, proven to activate hair stem cells, incresaing the number of growing hairs. 

Blocks DHT

DHT causes hair loss by shortening the growth phase of the hair cycle, decreasing the size of the follicles, which leads to progressively shorter and finer hairs.

Capixyl™ has been proven to reduce DHT by blocking it from reaching the follicle.

Reduces Falling Out

The hair follicle is supercharged by a proprietary blend of peptides and amino acids that have been proven to increase follicle size, meaning less hair falling leading to bald spots.

*Results based on clinical trials of the ingredients Redensyl and Capixyl.

  • Great Hair Serum

    "Great product with researched ingredients, producing noticeable results."

    -Arthur S., Actsyl User

  • New Growth

    "Been using for one month and already have seen growth!"

    -Anthony B., Actsyl User

  • I Like the Combo

    "I like the combo of Redensyl and Capixyl. The serum absorbs well, excited about the results.

    -Dinesh C., Actsyl User